Launch of the BDO CFO Barometer

BDO CFO and Financial Leaders Barometer.

Launch of the BDO CFO Barometer

Launch of the BDO CFO Barometer

We are pleased to introduce the "BDO CFO and Financial Leaders Barometer." This special edition delves into the constantly evolving world of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and financial leaders, highlighting five key aspects that shape their role and future.

In this analysis, we have closely examined the current priority concerns of CFOs. From financial challenges to regulatory compliance issues, we explored what occupies their minds daily.

We also highlighted the key skills that today's CFOs must have to succeed in an ever-changing environment.

Beyond traditional technical skills, we identified qualities that set them apart, including analytical thinking, creativity, and the ability to manage change.

In the context of digital transformation, the CFO's role in orchestrating the business plan takes on critical importance. We explored how CFOs lead the overall corporate strategy by aligning financial objectives with the overall vision and contributing to value creation through informed decisions.

For effective management, having relevant indicators is essential. We identified the most appropriate performance indicators to allow CFOs to steer performance insightfully, considering both traditional financial metrics and new indicators related to digital transformation.

Finally, digital transformation and Big Data are at the heart of discussions. We gathered CFOs' opinions on these fundamental issues and explored how they perceive the impact of digital technology on their functions.

This barometer is the result of an in-depth survey, the expertise of our analysts, and the valuable contribution of CFOs and financial leaders themselves. We hope it will provide you with valuable insights into the realities and perspectives of these professionals in a constantly changing world.

Happy reading.