Mehdi ESSAKALLI HOUSSAINI  , International Liaison Partner & Head of Risk

Mehdi Essakalli Houssaini

International Liaison Partner & Head of Risk

Secteur financier | Industry | Services/tertiary/technology | Public Sector

Assurance And Financial Reliability : Statutory Audits And Contractual Audits At BDO | Acquisition Audit And Due Diligence, Including Legal, Tax And Social Audits | Deal Advisory

Executive summary

An expert in finance and accounting, Mehdi is a partner in charge of financial and operational consulting.

With experience in Morocco and Luxembourg, Mehdi specializes in corporate finance, due diligence, business valuations and, more generally, in assisting with company disposals and acquisitions.

He also manages a portfolio of prestigious audit clients, including several listed companies and subsidiaries of multinationals.

He also assumes the role of partner in charge of relations with BDO's other international member firms.

Areas of expertise :

-Acquisition due diligence

-Corporate finance and financial modeling

-Business valuation

-Assistance with business transactions and disposals


Other functions:

-Mehdi is a guest lecturer at prestigious business schools and universities, specializing in business plans, company disposals and statutory auditing.