Invest in Morocco

We are honored to introduce our latest report titled "Investing in Morocco

Invest in Morocco

Invest in Morocco

In the current global context, Morocco emerges as a leading investment destination, thanks to its political stability, strategic location, and high-quality infrastructure. Its proactive foreign investment attraction policy makes it an ideal platform for manufacturing and exportation.

Under the impulse of His Majesty King Mohamed VI, the country is undergoing an economic transformation to become a key African hub, notably through the Casablanca Finance City which attracts initiatives like Africa 50.

This momentum is visible in the support for employment, the attraction of foreign investments, and the focus on vital sectors such as electric automotive and tourism in 2023, attracting nearly 34 billion dollars in Greenfield projects, ranking it among the most attractive destinations for FDI.

Investors benefit from an encouraging legal and fiscal environment, reinforced by the Investment Charter and industrial acceleration plans that promote the integration of value chains and collaborations between large companies and SMEs.

With incentives such as tax exemptions, customs benefits, and subsidies, Morocco is committed to stimulating investment in key areas, offering a dynamic and competitive framework for business. We encourage international investors to seize the opportunities offered by Morocco, benefiting from its strategic positioning, skilled workforce, and a favorable investment environment.

Join us for a prosperous future, marked by sustainable growth and innovation.

A Complete Guide for International Entrepreneurs and Investors.

We are honored to introduce our latest report titled "Investing in Morocco". This document is designed to enlighten investors, entrepreneurs, and companies about the unique opportunities that Morocco offers as an investment destination. Delving into the various aspects that make Morocco an attractive economic hub, this report covers a comprehensive range of topics essential for understanding the Moroccan investment landscape.

We start with an analysis of key indicators and infrastructure, highlighting the solid foundations on which Morocco is building its economic future. Morocco's major strategic development axes are examined to reveal how the country positions itself on the international stage, with a particular focus on its comparative advantages and the attractiveness of foreign direct investments.

The report also addresses the legal environment, presenting the main types of companies operating in Morocco, as well as the main provisions of Moroccan taxation, including recent developments such as the postponement of the implementation of transfer pricing measures. These insights provide a valuable overview of the regulatory and fiscal frameworks that influence investment decisions.

Furthermore, the report highlights the social indicators that reflect the investment climate and quality of life in Morocco, as well as the specific welcome structures designed to facilitate the establishment and expansion of foreign companies.

"Investing in Morocco" is aimed at all those considering Morocco as a potential investment destination, offering an in-depth perspective on the country's multiple assets.

BDO invites its readers to discover the dynamics that make Morocco a privileged place for investors looking to diversify and expand their global presence.

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