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Our team supports you in all your social issues.

Expert Services for Optimal Human Management


Our specialized team offers comprehensive support in meeting the various requirements and challenges of the social and human resources domain. With deep expertise and a personalized approach, we help you confidently navigate the complex landscape of social management, ensuring compliance, optimizing HR processes, and strengthening work relationships within your company. Here is a more detailed exploration of our services:


Comprehensive Social Management Services
  • Preparation and Transmission of Pay Slips: We manage the accurate preparation of pay slips, tailored to each employee, and ensure their timely transmission via your chosen method, whether by email, fax, or mail, guaranteeing smooth and efficient communication.
  • Social Declarations: Our expertise includes the preparation and submission of all required social declarations, such as those related to the CNSS (National Social Security Fund), to ensure your full compliance with current regulations.
  • Drafting of Employment Contracts: We provide legal assistance in drafting employment contracts, ensuring they comply with local laws and are tailored to the specifics of each position and employee.
  • Social Audit: To evaluate and optimize your human resources management, we conduct in-depth social audits. This includes reviewing HR policies and practices, identifying potential risks, and proposing solutions to improve efficiency and compliance.
  • Monitoring of Work Relations: We support you in the daily monitoring of your work relationships, offering advice for team management, internal communication, and maintaining a harmonious and productive work environment.
  • Assistance in Disputes with Employees: In case of disputes or litigation with your employees, our team provides expert legal support, helping you navigate legal procedures and find fair solutions for all parties involved.

By choosing our support for your social missions, you benefit from flawless human resources management, allowing your company to focus on its growth and success while maintaining strong work relationships and compliance with legislation.