Cash and Risk Management

Cash management is more than just cash flow..

Cash and Risk Management: Strategic Transformation for Enhanced Agility


In today's business world, effective cash and financial risk management extends far beyond merely monitoring cash flows. It involves cultivating an organizational culture focused on cash management and prudent risk handling, engaging various departments within the company towards a common goal: improving cash management levers. BDO Cash and Risk Management positions itself as a strategic partner to accompany businesses on their journey towards performance and transformation, making clients more agile and competitive.


Our Mission and Offer

Support Throughout the Process

Our mission is to support businesses throughout their cash and risk management journey, offering a service that encompasses consulting, thanks to our industry expertise, and the integration of solutions, establishing us as a market leader in Morocco.


A Multidisciplinary Team at Your Service

Structuring and Optimizing

BDO's multidisciplinary Advisory team assists organizations in structuring their cash management and optimizing their risk management. By focusing on the main axes and introducing an essential cash culture, we aim for the sustainability of businesses.

Automation and Reliability

Automating cash management processes not only makes information more reliable but also secures it and makes it available in real-time, crucial for strategic financial decision-making. Our information system integration experts guide you from defining your needs to utilizing solutions.


CARE: The BDO Cash and Risk Management Approach
  1. Understand: Analysis of the current state and identification of transformation drivers.
  2. Analyze: Gap analysis, strengths, weaknesses, and identification of new opportunities.
  3. Recommend: Design of transformation projects and evaluation of their impact on human capital.
  4. Execute: Development of a roadmap and implementation of support plans.
Our Areas of Intervention
  • Cash Management: Forecasts, KPIs, and process automation.
  • Working Capital Needs: Optimization to improve cash position by nearly 20%.
  • Cybersecurity: Consulting and auditing for effective risk management, aligned with corporate strategy.
Our Vision and Goal

Daily Support

At BDO, we are committed to supporting our clients, both in Morocco and internationally, in their consulting and audit missions in Cybersecurity. Our goal is to cover all aspects of risk, ensuring a response tailored to the specific challenges of each business, throughout all phases of their projects.

Sector-Specific Expertise

Our sector-specialized experts possess in-depth knowledge, allowing us to adopt an innovative approach tailored to your evolving needs.