Risk management and internal control

At BDO, we recognize that risk management and internal control play a crucial role in the success

Mastering Risk and Internal Control for Sustainable Success


At BDO, we recognize that risk management and internal control play a crucial role in the success and sustainability of a business. Our teams of specialists, covering a wide range of expertise such as audit, finance, accounting, taxation, legal, social, and information systems, are dedicated to assisting companies in identifying, evaluating, managing, and preventing risks. We aim for continuous performance improvement through a strategic approach to risk mapping.


Holistic Approach to Risk Mastery

Identification and Risk Evaluation: We start with a comprehensive analysis to identify and assess the risks your business faces. This allows us to precisely understand vulnerabilities and potential threats to performance and financial stability.

Risk Management and Prevention: Following risk assessment, we develop tailored strategies to manage and mitigate these risks. Our goal is to minimize their potential impact while exploiting opportunities to enhance operational efficiency and overall performance.


Strengthening Internal Control

Proactive Internal Control Framework: Internal control at BDO goes beyond a simple set of procedures; it is designed as a crucial lever for business performance. We guide you through each step of establishing and strengthening this framework:

  • Risk Analysis: Assistance in detailed risk analysis to identify critical areas requiring enhanced control.
  • Definition and Implementation of Control Points: Support in defining key control points, developing, and writing procedures and operating modes to ensure effective risk management.
  • Control Testing: Support in conducting control tests to assess the effectiveness of procedures and adjust risk mitigation strategies.
  • Organizational Consulting: Offering strategic advice to optimize internal organization and strengthen the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) of the business.

By adopting this comprehensive approach, BDO is committed to transforming challenges related to risk management and internal control into opportunities to increase the performance and security of your business.