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BDO offre un conseil indépendant dans l'audit informatique, le diagnostic des organisations et des applications...

Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence: Expertise in Information Systems by BDO

BDO positions itself as a strategic partner in the digital transformation of businesses, offering independent and expert advice in a wide range of services related to information systems. Our approach aims to maximize performance and operational efficiency through auditing, diagnosis, and optimization of information systems. Here is a detailed exploration of our services and solutions:


Advanced Information Systems Services
  • IT Audit: We conduct comprehensive audits of information systems to assess security, efficiency, and compliance with current standards and regulations.
  • Diagnostic of Organizations and Computer Applications: Our team performs diagnostics to identify potential improvements in the organization and use of computer applications.
  • Continuity Plan: We develop robust business continuity plans to ensure operational resilience in case of major disruption.
  • Support for Project Ownership and Project Accompaniment: BDO offers tailored support in defining needs, selecting solutions, and project management to ensure the success of IT initiatives.
  • Assistance in Crisis Situations: Our experts intervene to manage and resolve IT crises, minimizing impact on operations.
  • Help with Software Package Selection and Implementation: We guide businesses in the selection and implementation of software tailored to their specific needs.
  • IT Controls (SOX): We carry out IT controls in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act requirements for publicly traded companies.

Technological Solutions by Finance Systems Our technology subsidiary, Finance Systems, offers innovative solutions designed to improve the overall performance of the company:

  • Treasury Management and Optimization Solutions: Offers a comprehensive and forward-looking view of treasury positions, facilitating efficient management of financial flows.
  • Human Resources Management and Digital Learning Solutions: Custom solutions to meet the specific challenges of HR and promote skill development through digital learning.
  • Financial Risk Management Solutions: Enables companies to identify, measure, manage, and effectively control financial exposures to optimize decision-making and risk management.

With a multidisciplinary team of auditors and information systems experts, BDO is dedicated to providing significant added value to its clients, guiding them towards a successful digital transformation and continuous improvement of their operational performance.